I am a big fan of using Github to host a static website. They finally support HTTPS for Github page website which has a custom domain. Good job! After I know this news, I decide to adopt this new feature to my website.

There are two main reasons why I move to Github. For simplicity, now I can manage everything on Github. I used CloudFlare for the SSL. To be honest, it is an awesome service. I am just too lazy to configure things in different places.

The second reason is if I want to use the HTTPS service from CloudFlare, it means I have to configure my DNS settings there. It's alright, but I buy my domain on google domain. Again, I want to keep my life as simple as I can. I, therefore, want Google to be my DNS provider.

The transfer process was not quite smooth. I could not enable HTTPS on Github for some reasons. I decided to have a dinner and came back to check. Well, now everything works!

Check it here: https://gary-lai.com/