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CLion can not find headers after Mac upgraded

It can simply be solved by visiting: Tools > CMake > Reset Changes and Reload Project My first thought was to check command line tools ... »

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Missing headers in macOS 10.14

Many of my c-lang-related things didn't work after I upgraded my mac to Mojave. For example, my CLion IDE could not find headers anymore. So ... »

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避免 Mac 在接收到通知時被喚醒

系統設定 > 通知 會發現這件事情是因為我讓 Mac 進入睡眠時,收到通知我的外接螢幕就會閃爍一下。 這個功能對我來說沒有太大必要,而且感覺讓螢幕不斷的開關不是很好。 ... »

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